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About ALPI

Company Profile

ALPI develops, manufactures and deploys various fundraising platforms

These platforms are advanced tools that allow fund raisers to collect more funds, in an easy to use and accessible method via credit card operated fundraising terminals

The ALPI terminals provide high availability and exposure for potential contributors when deployed in public locations while their ease of use makes it very intuitive and simple to contribute

The fundraising platform allows for all sorts of campaigns, from local community projects to large scale fund raisers

Funding terminals

Funding flow

ALPI Products

ALPI Fundraising Terminals

ALPI terminals provide an easy to use interface in which funders can easily view the funding campaign, including graphics and videos and contribute with touch screen taps and a credit card swipe

The fundraising platform allows for offline analysis of the collected funds, as well as the behaviour of the collection on the terminal (peak times, collection rate, average donation, comparison of different collection terminals’ locations, etc.)

The terminal allows the funders to see the current campaign status and see their contribution in real time

ALPI terminals

Studies show that people find it easier to donate virtual funds, therefore donations via credit cards are usually larger than cash donations

ALPI Campaign Management System

The campaign management system allows for online monitoring of funding campaigns

Various online analytic tools are available to provide decision makers inputs toward making the current funding campaign and future campaigns more successful

The management system allows controlling the campaign remotely, including graphics, videos and the content of the campaign data to allow real time feedback to funders

Campaign management system


Easy to use

The campaign's data is available in a user friendly form, allowing funders to donate to the campaign with only several touch screen taps and swiping their credit cards.


The state of the campaign is updated online so users have a greater feel of involvement when contributing to the campaign as they can see their donation's impact in real time

High Visibility

Placing the terminals in public locations allows for large exposure to the funding campaign by thus bringing the concept of crowdfunding directly to the potential funders


ALPI terminals adhere to the highest security standards as required by the credit cards industry.
All communication is encrypted and no credit card information is stored on neither terminals nor ALPI servers





Our Solutions

We propose solutions for any type of organization

Self Funding

The ALPI terminals can support organizations and establishments that require the public's support for their activities and in this case the terminals will reside in the funder's premises while the campaigns that are being recruited might change frequently

Good examples for such organizations will be churches, synagogues, museums, libraries, community centers and basically every public establishment that relies on the public's support

Self funding campaigns

Proxy Funding

Proxy funding is done when the fundraisers do not utilize their own establishments for the fundraising campaign but rather spread it to public locations where the general public can be exposed to the cause and support it

Good examples for such campaigns are fundraising campaigns being held in shopping malls, stores raising money for causes they believe in, airports, etc.

ALPI terminals are a good solution for such campaigns as they can be deployed and operated wherever electricity is available

Proxy funding campaigns

Event Based Funding

ALPI terminals provide the optimal solution for fundraising events as they can be easily placed in the event venue, detailing the fundraising campaign goals

Their ease of use makes donating to the campaign very quick thus recruiting more funds

Example for such events can be charity fundraising events, art shows in which the artist would like to fund their next project, quick recruiting campaigns, etc.

Events funding campaigns

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We are constantly looking for fundraisers to use our products for their campaigns


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